Claim Your Power
Complimentary Workshop for Women

Date to be determined

Sounds like you’re interested in the Claim Your Power Workshop.
Welcome to my page!

I just moved to Miami from Los Angeles, California and because I am so eager and excited to create community, I’m doing this one for free!

Here is what happens when like-minded women get together:

  • They become inspired by one another.

  • Someone’s sharing is someone else’s medicine.

  • They feel seen and acknowledged.

  • They tap into their Power and JOY.

  • They slow down and breathe.

  • They open their hearts to transformation and possibility.

  • They realize that their story is also someone else’s story.

  • They understand that they are not alone.

  • They learn to own who they really are at a deeper level.

We women are so Powerful, we have the capacity to create amazing things… If we can give birth to a child, imagine how much more we can do.

When you are in touch with that Inner Power, when you are connected to your Joy, when you learn to trust your Inner Guidance, magic happens…

You are more amazing than you can imagine.  I want to show you how you can tap into your power so you can match the vibration of the things that you want.


  • Attendance for the entire workshop

  • Willingness to be seen. Your presence and truth is a gift to everyone else!

  • Willingness to be uncomfortable, to have fun, to stretch and to grow.

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Location: Coming Soon

Success Stories

Being a part of this workshop was a very healing experience for me. Adriana helped me to find the way to improve my relationship with my self, and as a reflection of that, to create more loving and healthy relationships with others. At the end of the workshop, I was loving myself more than ever and felt very motivated to keep using the tools I that learned.

Loola Mora
Yoga -Life Coach

“When women get together with a collective intention…magic happens!”

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