Calling in Deeper Romance

Date: September 25th from 12pm to 4:30pm

Lunch included

Place: The Sunset Restaurant
6800 Westward Beach Rd
Malibu, CA 90265

This is a one day experiential and interactive workshop for any woman who:

  • Is currently in a relationship but feels in the energy of “single”
  • Is single and wants to be in one
  • Is taking a break from dating and wants to have a solid relationship with herself

We don’t NEED a relationship! BUT one of the most powerful ways to grow and learn the lessons that our souls need to learn is through them.

The longing to connect is a natural part of being human and choosing to be in relationship with a partner, provides us with the greatest opportunities for growth and evolution as spiritual beings.

Throughout the years, in my own relationships with men, I have learned that every partner we bring into our lives is always the perfect partner for “right now” in our spiritual growth.

It’s not about “calling in the one” because whoever you’re with is always the one. He’s “the one” who matches exactly where you are on your spiritual journey at this moment in time.

Romantic Partners show us exactly what we need to learn, where we need to grow and what we need to heal. I think that’s pretty extraordinary, don’t you?

Relationships can be messy and far from perfect but the more you learn to take care of yourself, set boundaries, use your voice and honor what’s true for you… The happier you’ll be in the relationship.

My personal story:

We all have patterns of behavior that prevent us from having deeper and richer intimacy with our partner. Identifying what those patterns are and what to do about them is the key to opening up to great and long-lasting love. For me, my pattern was giving my power away to my partner. I used to attract men who wanted to control me. I would submit to their needs and demands because I was afraid of losing them. Of course, I would do this unconsciously and would then blame them for doing this to me! I would blame my partner for holding me back, for not letting me be myself, for being demanding and possessive, etc.. The truth is, I was attracted to these kinds of men because they displayed the same behavior that was familiar to me growing up. Until I learned how to heal my patterns, all my relationships would turn out the same—I’d end up losing myself and resenting my partner for it. After doing much inner work and taking responsibility for my part in creating this dynamic, I realized that what I had going on within me was showing up outside of me, and was acting as a mirror for what I I needed to resolve within myself. Yes, I had to do a lot of forgiveness regarding my past… I had to reframe a lot of old and limiting beliefs about men… And most importantly, I had to choose to show up from my Empowered Self by doing things I’d never done before. I started setting boundaries, asking for what I want, standing in my power, owning my truth, using my voice to say what did and didn’t feel right for me, and so much more… (I’ll share more at the workshop!)

Now let’s get real!

How are you doing in this area of your life? Are you currently in a relationship wishing things could be different? Are you afraid of fully expressing your needs and desires to your partner? Do you say “yes” when deep down you know you want to say “no?” Do you feel held back by your partner? Do you wonder why every time you get closer to your partner something goes wrong? Do you wonder why your relationships don’t last? This and much more…

At the Workshop…

Come with that one, big block that feels the most challenging for you and I’ll guide you through a process to help you get clear and move beyond it.


  • Attendance for the entire Workshop.
  • Willingness to practice speaking your truth and sharing yourself in the sacred and safe space of the Workshop.
  • Willingness to be uncomfortable, to have fun, to stretch, and to grow.
  • No alcoholic beverages at the workshop. 

I believe in you!
You are worthy of incredible Love & Partnership in your life!
I can’t wait to help you create it!

Tuition: $120.00

Includes light refreshments

“When women get together with a collective intention…magic happens!”

Success Stories

I absolutely adore my coach, Adriana! She is caring, intuitive, and I’ll even say coach / matchmaker all in one! Her guidance and encouragement allowed me to open the doors of my life… let go of the past that was holding me back… and let in a beautiful, committed, romantic relationship with the most wonderful man I could have ever imagined. She is spot-on with exactly what I need to hear at exactly the right time. Coaching with Adriana has given me the courage to speak my truth, to ask for what I want, and to manifest love. She is a blessing in my life and our work together continues… because with her, everything truly is possible!

Joyce Averna

Being a part of one of Adriana’s workshops was a very healing experience for me. Adriana helped me to find the way to improve my relationship with my self, and as a reflection of that, to create more loving and healthy relationships with others. At the end of the workshop, I was loving myself more than ever and felt very motivated to keep using the tools I that learned.
Loola Mora, Yoga -Life Coach

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