A One Day Transformational Event For Men

With Adriana

Saturday, February 1st  2020

Brentwood, California

This is for you!

I want to invite you to start the New Year highly intentional about what you want to create.

We create everything based on the power of intention.
What are your intentions for the New Year? You either continue to create the results that you don’t want,
or you can commit to create what you do want and truly desire.

It’s up to you!

You are more Powerful than you think you are! When you realize that true Power comes from the heart, your whole world transforms…

Most men feel misunderstood and underappreciated by the feminine. It is time to change the historically inaccurate perception of how a man is supposed to be or show up in the world. 

You are more “juicy” when you’re confident and honest about who you truly are, when you have the capacity to express your deepest fears, when you are not afraid to love deeply…

Men that are living a purposeful life contributing to the healing of the world are the greatest role models for future generations. They are the “way showers” to other men that are seeking for a more Profound, Rich and Deep experience in life. 

I have a teenage son and being his primary parent, I have had to undo so much of the family patterns, cultural and societal influence he has already absorbed. I remind him every day that it’s OK to be vulnerable, that expressing his feelings doesn’t diminish his strength but rather amplifies it. I want to save him years of therapy trying to heal his heart.

Limiting “macho” beliefs disconnect men from their heart and don’t allow them to recognize who they truly are at the core.

I want to honor you by providing a safe space to connect more deeply with the truth inside your heart. There is nothing Sexier and more Fascinating than a man who is in touch with all of who he is and is not afraid to show it.

Being the only woman in the room, I will reflect back to you what I see as holding you back from experiencing deeper love, deeper joy, and greater financial and personal success.

I will also reveal what conscious women are really craving and needing from you!

If we’re all going to die someday…why not love deeply while we’re still alive? Isn’t that the whole purpose of being here?  

The time is now!

Saturday, February 1st 2020
2pm to 7pm
Brentwood, CA 

Your investment: $200.00

I am more joyful, more confident, more content, more relaxed about everything than I ever thought possible. I attribute this newfound, reenergized passion for life to the work I have done with Adriana during these last couple of years. I have been to many traditional therapists in my life but nobody and no methodology has transformed my life as quickly or as powerfully as Adriana Sorgi.  Men… do yourself a favor and let Adriana help you find the joyful existence you were meant to live.

Gil Junger

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