The Work of the Warrior Queen

An invitation for you…
Whether you’re single or in a relationship.
When you magnetize a partner, you either magnetize from your Queen or you magnetize from your Princess.

How do you know where you are magnetizing from?

From your Queen: You magnetize a man that wants to grow, a man that is inspired by challenge, not shut down by it. You inspire him with your open heart with your unguarded body language. The right man for you will meet you there, and those who can’t handle you will steer away.

From your Princess: You magnetize a man that reflects the unintegrated parts inside of you. You are constantly trying to elevate your man to meet you, you keep trying to prove to him that you are the woman he should be with, you feel frustrated and sad because he doesn’t have the capacity nor the willingness to meet your needs.

You will eventually feel empty and depleted most of the time in the relationship because your yearning for deeper connection with him feels unmet.

If you currently are in a relationship and experience some of the examples of the Princess, it’s possible that as you do your work and learn a different approach with him, he will be inspired to meet your heart.

What should you do then??

The work is to focus on you first by deepening into the energy of love. ❤️
It is from that place that you want to show up. 

With my feminine practices, coaching, and group support, you will be raising your frequency. From this place you become more juicy and more attractive to a man that resonates with that energy. A man that is not intimidated by your open heart. ❤️

About The Experience:

Less story and more movement. We will be practicing Feminine Embodiment.

This won’t be your conventional coaching session or anything you have experienced with me before.

You will learn to fall in love with your heart’s longing through movement and full body expression. Yes! You must fall in love with what your heart so deeply desires. This is the work of the Warrior Queen. 👑

  • Learn how to fall in love with your heart’s longing.
  • Learn how to embody what you seek.
  • Cut any chords with previous partners that still bring emotional charge for you.
  • Learn how to fill yourself up with love’s light and with radiance.
  • Explore how to give from overflow instead of lack and neediness.
  • Learn about your body’s deepest truth and fully embody it.

You can only inspire your reciprocal to match you from this place of wholeness.

Being chosen by a deep man requires you to choose yourself first. You must claim your heart. You must fall in love with your yearning, with your desire, and your passion.You must become a turn on for yourself.

A Client Story:

“When I started working with Adriana, I had just broken up with my boyfriend. I was sad, confused and hopeless.
Adriana helped me see my worth. She helped me rediscover my feminine energy so I could fully embody it. Thanks to her guidance and support, not only I was able to be back with my boyfriend but to enjoy the relationship from a very different level. Being more authentic, speaking the truth in my heart and owning my deepest desire in love has inspired my partner to love me in a deeper way. Now he is no longer my boyfriend but my fiancé!
I wanted him to choose me and I now understand that I first had to choose myself. I am very thankful for the work I’ve done with Adriana.”

— Maria Paula Ochoa

Telemundo news correspondent

Every meeting will constitute of:

  • A 30 min Feminine Embodiment Practice through movement. (Juice and Powerful stuff)
  • Processing with a partner in a break out room.
  • Final Q and A coaching and group sharing.


  • Five 2 hour group coaching calls every other week on zoom video every Tuesday at 5 PM PST ( Full schedule below)
  • One 60-minute private coaching session with Adriana to be used anytime before Jan 1st.
  • Private Facebook Group to connect with each other— ask your questions and receive feedback from Adriana.
  • Regular resources from Adriana to support you in your specific intentions.


Nov 17: 5-7 PM PST ( Start date )

Dec 1st: 5-7 PM PST

Dec 15th: 5-7 PM PST

Dec 29th: 5-7 PM PST

Jan 12th: 5-7 PM PST (Completion Date)

Fee: $650

**This program will fill on a first come, first served basis. I’m wishing you deep and delicious love now and always…❤️❤️
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