Manifesting True Love  Program

A six month program to heal the heart and allow true love in.

My Personal Story…

I consider myself a love warrior. I spent most of my adult life longing for true love…

It wasn’t a small thing for me. I REALLY wanted it! I knew that in this life time I would have that deep connection with a dream partner. I desired it so much that my heart ached! 

I always wondered why so many people had that beautiful relationship and I didn’t…

I felt Open, Available, Fabulous and yet, I would keep attracting men that couldn’t see my heart. 


All of my relationships would become toxic at some point and I would end up leaving with a broken heart only to land back into the therapist office. 

I didn’t get it! I had done so much work but was still attracting what I didn’t want. 

After my last painful breakup from a 3 year relationship, I felt so discouraged. I really needed a break. I had to reevaluate everything and reflect on my love journey.

Here is what I realized:

1. I was dismissing my heart’s truth 

2. I was NOT in alignment with my values

3. I was negotiating my own needs 

4. I was abandoning myself in order to fit into their vision 

5. I was holding back my desires 

6. I was playing small 

7. I was simply settling 

I was doing this because deep down I didn’t feel worthy of True Love.  My core wound was that I didn’t feel good enough to be in a healthy relationship. I didn’t even know what healthy looked or felt like for me. 

Can you relate? 

This program is for you if:

You have a deep longing for a beautiful relationship with a quality partner.

Your heart aches every time you see a couple in love because you desire that too.

You have a deep desire to be chosen by someone that really sees your heart.

You continue to attract unavailable men into your life.

You feel exhausted and discouraged about your dating experiences.

You feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work.

You’re ready to raise your value, own your desires and embrace your feminine energy unapologetically.

You want to magnetize a quality partner through your energy.

You are a YES for true love and won’t settle for anything less.

What you will get: 

One (90 min) group call on zoom per month to go deep, share your heart and get powerful coaching from me. 

One (45min) one on one session with me every month. 

One meditation per month designed to heal the heart. 

Access to WhatsApp for questions, sharing wins and supporting one another. 

Unlimited email communication with me in case there is something you don’t want to share in the group. 

What you will learn:

You will become more sexy, attractive and powerful as you begin to own your value.

You will learn to ask for what you need in a way that inspires your partner or future partner to meet you. 

You will get very clear about your values and own them without apology. 

You will honor your boundaries and set them with love. 

You will learn to show up for love every single day. 

Your investment: 

$2,500 paid in full or pay 

2 installments of $1,500 

Group Meetings


May 30

June 27

July 25

August 22

September 19

October 17


All Group Sessions start at 4pm PDT

Manifesting True Love Workshop

To learn more about my 6 month program join me for a FREE Workshop on May 20th at 10 am PDT