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Any moms can relate?
I feel like I’ve been running non stop this week. I know I talk a lot about how important it is to take care of ourselves so that we can be better parents to our children yet I felt it was almost impossible to squeeze in any “me time” in the past week.
Being a single mom is indeed challenging.
Here is a tip: If you’re one of those parents that has a hard time asking for help. I truly encourage you to do it!
I had to learn that the hard way as many times I would find myself frustrated and resentful blaming others for not being there for me. Guess what? If you ask without being attached to the outcome you might be very surprised of how many people are willing to help you.
It is healthy to express our feelings, to feel the frustration and the craziness that sometimes we experience as parents doing it all!
What is not healthy is to get stuck in those feelings and become a victim about it.
Remember, you are not a victim. God have granted you a very valuable gift called “Choice” you can decide to think and live differently. Even when life is challenging!
Love and light to all the awesome moms!