(This post was published on Huffington Post.)

How do you really know when you’re clear?

It is challenging sometimes to know if what you’re doing is coming from a place of inner alignment and attunement or from confusion and despair, isn’t it?

You know how at one moment you feel deep in your core that you’re doing the right thing, and the next moment you second-guess yourself? It’s that very second-guessing that is the indicator that something is still blocking you from clarity. At times like this, something is required of you — a call for going deeper within yourself.

In other words, it’s a call for inner awareness. Tapping into your inner guidance requires work. It’s the work of the soul. The soul wants you to take the next step into your spiritual evolution.

You wonder why, at times, life can become so painful and unbearable? We have all experienced pain and stagnation at some point. Life can seem so cruel and harsh, and things seem to get worse.

Life is especially painful when we don’t have a clear awareness of our purpose, when we are not living our full potential; it is even more painful when we don’t know where we’re going.

The key is to keep moving forward regardless of any obstacles along the way. If you keep moving, the way will open, and the next step will be revealed.

It is when we stop moving and become victims of life that we get stuck and can’t seem to find the way. This is because our body follows our low-vibration thoughts. These are the moments where prayer is much needed. We can never underestimate the power of asking Source for what we want.

What is Source? Source is one of the names by which people refer to the divine intelligence behind all of life, the highest guidance to which we are always directly connected when we listen within.

To me, it’s God. I ask God to show me the way in moments of despair and confusion. You might do the same with Jesus, the universe, your higher self, etc.

The problem is, we don’t ask enough because we don’t trust enough. The universe is always ready to serve us when we decide to serve ourselves.

If we ask for clarity and keep moving forward in trust, clarity will be granted. A sign that will be shown to us, and all will then make sense.

We must release every thought that no longer serves our growth, and we must place into the light whatever it is we want to bring into our lives. We must believe that we are worthy of all good things and that our lives are already abundant and perfect the way they are. In other words, we must accept where we are right now in order to write the next chapter of our life.

Keep moving, and you will know why you’re here. If you’re not sure what you want, set an intention for clarity. Place your intention into the light and ask for guidance.

Keep healing the pieces of you that keep you stuck, one by one, layer by layer. Underneath those layers you will find your joy. And when you find your joy, you will have essentially found yourself, because joy is what we are. When we are in joy, we can create, we can live freely and fully. And, most important, we can access the clarity that we seek.

Keep moving . . .