Being a mom is hard enough, especially when we have to deal with other challenges in our everyday life.

Staying present with our kids is not always easy to do.

It is possible, but it takes awareness and a lot of unconditional love.

The question is: Do you take care of you?

Are you being gentle with yourself?

No time? Too much on your plate?

When we become a mom, our lives change completely. What used to be important and fun soon becomes a part of our past. The things we always wanted to do seem suddenly out of our reach, and our lives revolve around our children with very little time left for ourselves.

Through some major soul searching over the last couple of years, I have come to realize that the more I love and take care of myself, the happier I am around my children.

I’ve learned that finding out who we really are and what we came here for is the key to raising healthy, happy and confident children.

When we are relaxed and joyful, our children pick up on that energy and our home is filled with harmony.

Did anybody tell you as a child how important it is to love yourself? If the answer is Yes, you are fortunate. Not many of us had that experience. Now, as an adult, I see that it is vital that we learn this. Because the people and situations we attract into our lives are a reflection of how we feel about ourselves in the inside.

If we have high regard for ourselves and know our value, we tend to attract people who feel good about themselves as well.

Conversely, if we are wounded inside and filled with judgments, we attract people who are also wounded, and we encounter situations filled with drama.

But guess what? This, too, is wonderful news, because those people and those situations come into our lives as an opportunity for us to heal our own wounds from the past.

Every challenge comes with a hidden message which then becomes a lesson. But if we don’t learn the lesson, opportunities will keep showing up through other people or other situations until we’re ready to take action.


Everything we need in order to be happy we already have inside of us. Our challenge is to find it and activate it.

We didn’t come into this world for nothing. We all have a special gift to offer.

And it is only by living up to our fullest potential, that we are truly serving the world.

We must discover our gifts! When we are not fully expressing our joy and creativity that’s when low energy thoughts kick in and frustration takes over us.

How, then, can we spread this message to our children? By setting the best example. Children learn by example, so we need to “walk our talk,” to learn to look inside ourselves.

Today, I am finding all the answers by connecting with my higher self within, my inner counselor, spirit (however you call it)

You don’t have to do this alone, get the support that you need, don’t be afraid to ask for help and find a community where you belong.

Surround yourself with positive loving people that want to see you stand in your greatness and shine your light!