How do you know when you’re really speaking your authentic voice? I’m talking about the voice that comes naturally from your core and that you can hear loud and clear because it comes from your deepest level of truth.


It took me years to realize that the voice I was speaking with wasn’t my authentic voice. That little voice that is unsure and afraid of making an impact, afraid of being heard, afraid of making a mistake or even afraid of not sounding smart enough — most of all, afraid of being judged by others — that voice wasn’t the real me.


I used to feel so small because I couldn’t speak big words; I didn’t know enough of anything to jump into a conversation with confidence and clarity. I would stand in the back and let other people run the show. While they would shine brightly, I didn’t feel worthy of doing the same. I didn’t think I had anything to contribute.


Most of those people I took a back seat to were men — men with big egos. I was attracted to men whose ego would totally outshine me, and then I didn’t have to be seen for who I thought I was. I was ashamed to make an appearance because I didn’t know how to be myself and use my voice to express what was really going on inside me.


That’s why being a model was so convenient. I didn’t have to do anything other than to look pretty.


Over the years, I’ve found that many women suffer from this syndrome. They dim their own light, often not even realizing that they have one. They hide in the background, afraid to be seen. They silence their voice because they don’t think they are smart. They make themselves small and hide behind their man because they don’t feel worthy of their greatness. They can’t see their own potential, or, if they do, they deny it.


But the truth we all know deep in our hearts is that we didn’t come here to hide — we came here to be seen! We came here with a big mission, a mission of being magnificent. That is the truest way we can contribute — serving the world by embracing our light, our gifts, our power, our beauty, our voice.


How can we serve others when we’re denying our gifts? We cannot! Only by deeply and authentically serving ourselves can we fully serve others.


I finally discovered my voice when I started listening deeply for it. While I constantly heard many voices in my head, my big realization was that none of those voices were my true, authentic voice. Why? Because that voice can only be found in the heart! That voice is relaxed, confident, clear, connected, loving, honoring. That voice comes from our source, whatever that is for you. My source is God. And, by “God,” I am referring to my deepest truth, my authentic voice, my Loving Essence, my Divine Power.


The most important relationship you can ever have is your relationship with yourself. Loving yourself, embracing yourself completely is what allows you to create a healthy environment around you, healthy relationships with others, a fulfilling career — in essence, a positive outlook toward all aspects of life.


Imagine waking up each morning feeling happy and excited about life. Trusting that there are no bad experiences but rather opportunities for learning about yourself so that you can step into a higher level of growth and live a more-fulfilling life.


All is possible, but to live this way takes practice and willingness. Don’t know where to start? I suggest that you stop running, that you slow down and listen inside to the voice of the heart. That is your authentic voice. You can only tap into it when you listen deeply. You can do this through meditation, yoga, prayer, nature walks, taking a daily silence break. Keep listening, and God will tell you who you are. Soon you will come to know that your authentic voice has been there all along.


To travel connected to your divine essence 

is to travel lightly…