I hear women say no to themselves a lot. No to self-care, no to personal growth, no to taking the next step.

Usually the excuse is no time or no money.

Behind that sort of excuse is usually fear of change. A fear that comes from not believing that we can actually go for our dreams, that we can actually be happy.

Change is scary, I get it! It takes a lot of courage to accept that we may need to do something seemingly outrageous if we really want our lives to be different.

Growth requires that we go deep. It requires a high level of commitment. In order to heal the wounds we carry from our past, it’s imperative that we do the work that such profound change requires, that it deserves!

This, of course, is a process. And sometimes that process can be uncomfortable, because it involves doing our inner work. For instance, we may find ourselves hurting whenever someone makes a certain comment or behaves in a certain way. While this trigger takes place in the present, the hurt arises from an episode often deeply buried in our past.

Our inner work, then, is to become aware of actual source of the pain and then lovingly focus on healing the memory to which the pain is attached — we literally apply our love to the places inside us that hurt.

Do you wonder sometimes why your life seems stuck in the same old rut? Or why you keep attracting the same kind of negative situations? Or maybe why you keep falling for the same kind of man who is not interested in a solid commitment or who doesn’t care to know you on a deeper level?

If you can relate to any of the above, there is work to do!

Getting to know ourselves is the most rewarding work — and discovering our authentic feminine power is exciting.

We women are capable of doing wonderful things. Imagine, if we can give birth to a human being, what is there that we cannot do?

It is not narcissistic to love ourselves. It is not selfish to take care of ourselves. You know what’s selfish? Disowning our own greatness. Why? Because the world needs it! We came here to share our gifts. Not to die with them locked away inside us.

I love to help women discover just how powerful they really are. I, too, have lived in that dark place, and I know now that the light doesn’t just come to us — we have to decide to go find it.

Life is now, it is always now, not something we live tomorrow or next month. And having a better life is not a matter of luck, it’s a decision we make right now.