I want to start this by saying that I didn’t always hold my crown high.

I dishonored myself so many times in relationships – I settled for less than I desired – I adjusted to relationships that were not in alignment with my truth – I stayed in relationships longer than I knew I had to – I compromised my own integrity over being true to myself. 

I am not ashamed of any of this. I am now aware that all of those experiences dragged me down to a place where I didn’t feel proud of myself. I needed that in order to realize what I know now. 

I thought I had to settle because I didn’t know my power. I didn’t know that the path of deep love had to be claimed inside of me first. I didn’t know that in order to open up my heart to love, it was imperative to embody the attributes of the warrior queen. Her power, her open heart, her self-honor and her truth. 

When we choose to stay in relationships that don’t feel right for us, we’re coming from a wounded place.
We may want to change a partner, convince him to commit to us, or tolerate abusive behavior. This is all created from unresolved trauma that hasn’t been healed. 

We choose what’s familiar because that feels safe. Even if it isn’t! 

If we didn’t have that unresolved trauma we wouldn’t choose to stay with someone that is not aligned with our deepest truth.This is why we must integrate our new truth which does not come from trauma but rather from who we want to be now. 

The work of the warrior queen requires you to fall in love with all of you— even with the aspects of yourself  that you have judged as bad, made wrong, and resisted

You have to be OK with all of who you are without shame. You must recognize that who you are is love – and that is the place you want to create your life from.

The first step begins the minute you recognize that you are worthy of great love. 

When you know this truth with every part of your being, you will want to peel off all the layers that get in the way of you having it. 

This is why I say this is the work of the “Warrior Queen.” 
You can’t become a Warrior Queen unless you decide to walk through the fire for her. 

This means, letting go of anything and anyone that holds her back from claiming her crown. 

This work is not for the faint of heart. This work is for the brave— and that is who she is, she is the one that can stand in the eye of a tornado without getting swallowed in the chaos of the storm.
She can watch it and stand powerfully in the knowing that – no tornado can take away her power. 

This work will bring you down to your knees, it will make you incredibly  uncomfortable, it will humble you, it will break you down and then put you back together in a way you’ve never been before. 

In the end, if you stay the course –  it will set you free to your true self and there is nothing like it.

Not the easy path, but it certainly is the path of deep love…

In my practice, the one thing that has changed me deeply has been the embodiment work. We can’t be free of a pattern or a limiting belief without releasing it from our nervous system. 

Movement is required because the body needs to integrate the old in a different way— it needs to be integrated as love. 

When we can love it all, we don’t have to reenact old wounds. We can create a new reality from the truth of the now — rather than from our history. 

I used to know all this in my head as I know many women do too.
They tell me: I know all of this! I have done the work for years… Why do I keep attracting the same type of relationships? Because the real work begins when we shift the energy in the body. This is called embodiment. 

If you’re not embodying the work that you’re doing, it simply won’t work. 

It doesn’t matter how much you know or how beautifully you can talk about it. 
if you can’t bring it down to your body you will remain stuck in the same old patterns. 

I want to share with you a practice that you can do daily to begin shifting your body energy. 

You can do this if: 

  •  You’re single and want to call in a masculine partner. 
  •  You’re currently in a relationship and feel discouraged about the way things are with your partner. 
  • Your current relationship is mediocre and you wish you could evoke more love and more passion from your partner. 

You need to fill up your cup everyday. I mean fill it up with love and desire. 

The more full you are, the more you can attract a well matched intimate partner. 

Start this practice: 1. Create a a playlist of songs that activate the pleasure in your body. Songs that feel good to move and that connect you deeply to your heart and to your joy.
This playlist should be at least 20 min long. 

2. Find a quiet place in your home where you can be alone. Start laying down on a yoga mat or a blanket but make sure you’re on the floor.  You want to feel grounded and held by the energy of the earth. 

3. Start laying down on your back with your eyes closed. Play your music and begin to bring awareness to your body through movement. I like to start by touching every body part – starting from my toes all the way up to my head. Do this in a way that feels really good to you.
Come onto hands and knees and keep moving to the sound of the music, then move your hips in circles, do circles with your head, roll your shoulders back and forth- stay connected to your breath. 

Make sure that every movement feels absolutely delicious and pleasurable. 

You want to stay connected to your body through this pleasure that you’re now activating through movement. 

Come up to your knees and keep moving, don’t forget to breathe— take deep inhales and exhale with a sound that feels good and liberating to you. 

Make your way up to standing and keep moving. Feel the love that you are cultivating inside of you – and allow that love to show you how it wants to move. 

How does love want to move through you?
How does love touch your body?
How does love breath? 

Keep moving and dancing with your eyes closed and imagine that the most perfect divine masculine is claiming all of you. 

How do you want to be claimed by him?
Show him your pleasure and your yearning for love with your whole body. Fully own the type of relationship that you want to create. 

Keep doing this until your playlist is over. When you’re done, put your hands in your heart and vow to yourself for making time to integrate your queen. 

Congratulations! You have just filled yourself up with the energy of deep love.  

The more you practice this, the more you can approach love from your wholeness – rather than approaching love from need and desperation. 

We don’t give love to get love. We give it because we are so full of it. When we give love without an agenda, we evoke more love from our current partner or from the partner we’re calling in. 

You will feel more free and liberated when you give 20 min of your day to this practice. it will elevate you in a way that you feel aligned with your deepest truth.

Another huge benefit of this practice is that you’re constantly sending love vibes to your organs and all the cells in your body. This is a great practice for healing any pain or discomfort at the physical level. 

You are releasing trauma that has been stored in your system for years – and as you do, you give your body permission to heal itself. 

“Manifesting true love begins with the self. Your daily practice will activate the loving energy that you want to match.”

You will become more juicy and very irresistible to a partner that wants to claim all of you. 

With loving,